Fantastic Questions to Ask Your Angels


Are you thinking of getting a psychic reading? After finding a reader you trust and respect, the most important thing you can do to ensure you have a successful, accurate, and insightful reading is to create well-worded, thoughtful questions in advance. A good reader will work with you to help further refine your questions if needed. Here are some examples as well as my personal tips for creating fabulous reading questions.

Great Questions to Ask

o What do I need to know about _______ in order to decide _______?

o How can I move forward with ______?

o What was/is holding me back in ______?

o What was/is the meaning of ______?

o What was/is the lesson or purpose of _______?

o How can I improve my chances of _______?

o What is important for me to know about my current life path?

o What is my life purpose?

o What are my skills and gifts?

o What was/is the nature of my relationship with ________?

o Why did/do I feel _____ and what do I need to heal?

o Why did ______ happen and what do I need to heal?

Avoid Future Prediction Questions

Questions asking for future predictions ignore one very important factor – YOU are the lead creator of your life, and your thoughts, beliefs and actions are creating your future, moment by moment! I personally do not believe there is a single pre-determined “fate” dealt to each of us, but that there are a multitude of choices available to us – which we choose (either consciously or unconsciously) through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions (or lack of action). This means that any future prediction is the most likely outcome based on a snapshot of the situation at the time of the cards being drawn. Which means if you and/or other people involved in the situation change their beliefs/thoughts/actions at any time, the reading could become invalid. That is the beauty (and complexity) of free will – we always have the choice to change our future! This gets even trickier when you consider that the reading will likely reveal information that you didn’t have when the cards were drawn – by simply becoming aware of the reading’s information, it is already possible that your future has changed and the reading is inaccurate! >v<

That being said, questions where your angelic team can offer their insights into past or present situations are preferable, as the future is so changeable. And rather than simply telling you what your future might be, your angels want to empower you by giving you insight and guidance that will help you make informed decisions so that you can create an EVEN BETTER future for yourself!

Example Questions

o "Will _____ marry me?" --> "What are the pros and cons of my relationship with _____?"

o "When will I find my soulmate?" --> "What kind of person will make a good spouse for me, and how can I attract them into my life?"

o "Am I going to be rich?" --> "What can I do in order to create financial abundance in my life?"

Focus on Yourself

The only beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors you can ever truly change are your own. I personally do not answer questions such as, “Is my partner cheating on me?” or “What does _____ think about me?” or “When will _____ propose to me?” as these questions do not focus primarily on your own energy, nor do they allow you to gain a better understanding of your contribution to the situation. There are two sides to every story, and since we are the lead creators of our reality, we cannot be a helpless victim unless we choose (consciously or unconsciously) to be treated like one. I also do not pry into 3rd parties’ business (ex. “Does _____ like _____?”), as I do not have their permission to connect with their energy. Looking for psychic information about someone else is a misuse of psychic readings in my opinion - you should talk to the person directly. If you feel like it is impossible to talk to the other person directly and honestly, you have three options: change your own attitude/actions/outlook, find a new situation that suits you better, or continue to wait with no guarantee that the other person will change.

Example Questions

o "Is my partner cheating on me?" --> "What issues are affecting me and my partner’s intimacy, and how can I improve the situation?"

o "Why are my mom and sister fighting?" --> "Is there anything I can do to facilitate healing between my mom and sister?"

o "Does Bob like Carol?" --> This question doesn't involve your energy at all, so your angels aren't interested in answering it.

Avoid Yes/No Questions

Asking questions that have a simple “yes/no” answer means you want someone else to tell you what to do – and this is a big problem, because you are giving up your rightful responsibility for making your own decisions. I personally do not answer yes/no questions, not only because it wrongly places responsibility on the reader (example client complaint: “you told me to do this and it didn’t work!”) but it also limits your possibility for receiving valuable insight into the situation, yourself, and what you can do about it. Plus, you sell yourself short by severely limiting the amazing insight your angels can provide for you! In my Angel Card readings especially, yes/no questions do not yield good results, because the angels perceive every experience as a wonderful opportunity for growth. So they will always say, “If you want to, then yes!” >v< The angels will also never tell you what to do; their job is to support you on your journey and give you additional information that will help YOU be the leader of your life and make informed decisions.

Example Questions

o "Should I move to Hawaii?" --> "What is important for me to know in deciding whether to move to Hawaii or not?"

o "Is ______ the right job for me?" --> "What is important for me to know about an ideal career for me?"

o "Should I accept this job offer?" --> "How would accepting this job offer affect my relationships, career and finances?"

Get to the Root of the Issue

This requires you to do some soul-searching when formulating your question. See if you can “dig deeper” with your current question; what is really the underlying issue? For example, if you are annoyed that your partner does not do their fair share of the chores, it can be tempting to ask, “How can I get my partner to do his chores?” However, this ignores your part in the situation (it takes two to tango!) and it does not address the real issue: maybe you feel ignored/under-appreciated? Or maybe you inherited unrealistic cleanliness expectations from your childhood, and your partner’s actions are actually pointing out this unbalanced perfectionism? Often, whatever triggers us (i.e. invokes an inappropriately strong emotional reaction) is pointing out an underlying emotional wound that wants to be healed. Discovering and asking about the true root of the issue will allow your Angels to give much better insight to help you make improvements.

Another common question that people ask is, “When will I find my soulmate?” However, if you dig a little deeper, a better question would be, “Why can’t I attract an ideal partner to me?” And if you dig deeper, perhaps you will start to see coping mechanisms you have that are in fact sabotaging your dreams – you may realize that you have a tendency to push people away from you when things get too serious, that you are somehow attracted to types of partners that are not good for you, that you don’t believe you deserve an amazing lover, etc. These sort of root issues would then make excellent questions such as: “What is important for me to know about (issue) and what can I do to heal myself in order to attract an ideal partner?”

Example Questions

o "How can I get my partner to do chores?" --> "Why doesn't my partner do chores, and what can I do to improve our relationship?"

o "Why am I upset at my partner?" --> "Why don't I feel heard & appreciated in my relationship, and what can I do to heal those wounds?"

o "How can I find a better job?" --> "What is holding me back from embracing a career that bring me energy, freedom and passion?"

I hope that you found these tips on asking amazing questions to your angelic team illuminating and helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. And enjoy! <3

In Love and Light,


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