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Did you know that we all have many, many loving spirit helpers around us at all times? Life on Earth is challenging, so we are never left on our own!
Meet a few of the helping spirits on your personal angelic team. They usually relay their chosen appearance, name, role on your team, and any special messages they have for you.
See who comes forward with messages of love and support, or attempt to connect with a specific departed Loved One. Includes both people and animals!
*Note: a 3-month grieving period is recommended before attempting to connect with a recently departed Loved One.
Ask your angelic team for guidance using beautiful angel cards! Common topics are your life path, relationships, career, health, healing, etc.
Andrea uses a unique Angel Card reading process to guide and involve you in the reading. This is because she believes we are all intuitive, and helping you connect with your angels is empowering.
Treat yourself to a traditional Japanese Usui Reiki session, which promotes relaxation and energy balancing. Great when you are craving a quiet healing session.
Or, enjoy the healing flow of Reiki while hearing messages and insight from your angelic team. Great for people who prefer to play a more active, conscious part in their healing session.
Are you extra sensitive to sounds, scents, lights, touch, etc? About 20% of us are born as a "Highly Sensitive Person" who have one or more heightened bodily senses.
Are you highly sensitive to others' emotions? Do you tend to "sponge up" negative energy and have trouble letting it go? Is saying "no" without guilt difficult for you? Do you tend to attract narcissists, manipulators, energy vampires, and other one-sided relationships?
If any of these sound familiar, you would likely benefit from learning more about your sensitive gifts and how to control and use them healthfully!
We all have intuitive gifts, because we are all born connected to the spirit world. This means we can learn to reconnect with our gifts at any time, if we choose.
Rediscover your natural clairvoyant ("psychic seeing"), clairaudient ("psychic hearing"), clairsentient ("psychic feeling"), claircognizant ("psychic knowing") and other intuitive gifts that are your birthright.
Work under Andrea's gentle guidance to achieve a meditative state. Here, you can more easily hone your intuitive gifts, remember and heal from past lives, communicate with your angelic team members, and more!
Even if you struggle with silent meditation, achieving a vivid guided meditation is possible!
Andrea is happy to clear a space (room, home, office, entire plot of land, etc.) for you. But she's even more passionate about teaching others to clear their own spaces!
Reclaim your power and become the Highest Energy of whatever space you are in! Identify why you are attracting unwanted energies, learn how to clear them, and start learning how to raise your energy so that your space is filled with the energies you desire.

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