Andrea's Code of Ethics


I believe that ethics in energy work is extremely important.

The following are a list of promises that outline how I conduct my Reiki and Angel sessions.

I Pledge To


  • Always treat my client (you) with compassion, dignity, and respect.

  • Work with the intent for Highest Good, for love and light, with the hopes of helping my clients heal themselves through reconnecting with their inner strength, wisdom, and sense of peace.

  • Take your concerns seriously and never pressure you to do healing work that you are not comfortable with. I believe it's best if we are in control of our own healing - we can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable or would like to end the session for any reason.

  • Answer any questions you may have about Reiki, Shamanism, Angel Therapy, and the healing techniques I employ, to the best of my ability - before, during, and/or after your session.

  • Share only information that I have received direct permission to gather. (For example, I will not pry into areas of your life that you have not given me permission for; likewise, I will not pry into nor share information about other people unless I have received their direct permission to do so.)

  • Share with you the information about you I receive from the Spirit world, with the understanding that I have received this information through my own personal filter. The information is not “absolute truth” nor a command, but a suggestion – you always have the right to choose how to live your own life, including how you wish to proceed on your personal healing journey.

  • Give you my full, complete attention and focus during our session. If I am not feeling well or am otherwise not completely available, I will reschedule our session.

  • Not share your personal information or session details with an outside party without first obtaining your permission to do so. (*Unless you are posing a danger to yourself or others, in which case your information will be shared with the proper authorities to ensure the safety of all involved.)



Please Be Aware That


  • I expect to be treated with the same respect I extend to you, and thus have a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind. This includes physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual assault/abuse. Any violent, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate behavior (such as yelling, aggression, racist/sexist/homophobic/hate-based jokes/comments, or other actions that create an unsafe environment) are grounds to end the session immediately.

  • My intent is to conduct healing work only. I don't do spiritual work with the intent of harming others.

  • You can end our healing session at any time if you feel uncomfortable or otherwise would like to end the session.

  • My Reiki and Angel work deals with energy – it is not to be confused with medical, psychological, or social service work. If you would like outside support, I am happy to provide you with further resources, as I believe a multi-faceted approach to healing is often the most effective.

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