Booking Policies

Can't Make Your Session?

Life happens - you get sick, you have to cover for someone at work, your inlaws are coming to visit - and you can't make your session.

You may reschedule a session, so long as there are at least 24 hours before your session start time. This allows Andrea time to rebook your session with another client. Thank you for your understanding.


How to Reschedule a Session

To reschedule a session, please email

1) Cancellation Deadlines

- Angel Sessions = 24-hour Deadline

- Workshops = 48-hour Deadline

2) Cancellations Before Deadline

For cancellation with enough notice, you will obtain a full refund, minus a $10 admin fee. Likewise, if Andrea has to cancel a session due to emergency circumstances, she will contact you and may arrange a discounted session.

3) Cancellations After Deadline

The full session/workshop cost may be charged to cover the costs of room rent and reserved time. However, we do understand that "life happens." In reasonable cases, the $10 admin fee may be the only charge. (The main issue is when last-minute cancellations become a habit, and for workshops that require a minimum number of participants and printing costs.)


4) Late Arrivals / No-Shows

Please note that if Andrea has other sessions booked after you, there may not be a chance to make up time if you arrive late. Late or missed readings/workshops may not be discounted or refunded, as Andrea has scheduled this time and will be waiting for you. Thank you for your understanding.


Please click here.

In-Person Sessions

You are welcome to pay with cash or eTransfer (aka EMT, Email Money Transfer) to


Distance Sessions

Pre-payment is required to book your session, sent via eTransfer to However, your payment will not be processed until after the session is finished.

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