About - Angelic Teams

Please Note: This information is simply my personal beliefs and experiences.

As we have no way of proving or disproving spiritual theories, this is just one possible set of beliefs.

You are welcome to take what resonates with you, and leave the rest! <3

What are Angels?
Angels are beings of pure Light and Love whose sole purpose is to watch over and support the Earth and its inhabitants. No task is too big nor too small for the angels, so we can ask for their help daily! They delight in being able to help us.
The "managers" of the angel realms. Omipresent, they can be with many people at once. Specialize in "big-picture" tasks.
Guardian Angels
Everyone has at least one guardian angel that stays with them from birth until death. Their job is to ensure we do not return to the Spirit World until it is our time.
"Regular" Angels
These loving spirits happily help us with our everyday requests, from safe driving, to passing tests, to finding lost items.

Death is Just a Transition

The soul is immortal. Our loved ones who have transitioned to the Spirit world no longer have a physical body, but they retain their memories and personality. They are still able to communicate with us and send us their love and support. For example, they may visit you in dreams, send you physical signs such as feathers or coins, or help you connect with support here on Earth.

Healing After Death

Upon Crossing Over, souls are reunited with their loved ones who died before them. Helped by their angelic team, they heal any remaining trauma or wounds that were not dealt with during their lifetime, so they can fully enjoy the peace and love of the spirit realm.


We All Go Home Eventually

No one is excluded from this paradise, unless they choose to remain close to earth. This choice is usually fueled by fear, anger, or regret. However, their angelic team is always waiting patiently for them to change their mind and ascend, so no one can ever be Lost.

There are many other kinds of helping Spirits that can be on our angelic teams. For example:
Power / Spirit Animals
Represent their entire species. Lend us their gifts and wisdom to help us reconnect with our lost or forgotten abilities.
Deva (Nature Spirits)
Include faeries, nymphs, sprites, elves, dwarves, elementals, etc. Helping nature spirits who aid us in healing ourselves and the Earth.
Mythical Creatures
Unicorns, dragons, phoenixes, griffins - our imagination is the limit. If you can imagine it, it means it exists somewhere in the Spirit realm and can offer its support if asked!
Deities (Gods & Goddesses)
Mythical energies from ages past who lend their gifts and wisdom to humanity. Most have been somewhat vilified over the centuries - but don't worry, they are loving and helpful, not spiteful and finnicky!
Ascended Masters
Jesus, Buddha, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, sages and wise (wo)men of the ages. Spirits who have lived in human form and are committed to helping humanity from the Other Side.

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