Angel Smudge Wands,

Quills, and Feathers


Hand-made in Alberta and infused with love and light, all angel creations are unique.

They feature authentic gemstones, and are made from natural & local materials where possible!

These creations are great for smudging/cleansing, energy healing, and looking beautiful.

Wands = Two gemstones; 20-40 feathers; Long handle; Detailed name card; Various sizes.

Quills = One gemstone; 10-20 feathers; Interchangeable ink cartridge; Detailed name card.

Feathers = One gemstone; 10-20 feathers; Hanging hook; Basic name card.

Click on the picture gallery below to scroll through all pictures and details.

To custom order an angel wand, quill, or feather: email

Suggested Uses for Angel Smudge Wands / Quills / Feathers

There are no rules - use them however you desire! Here are some examples to get you started:


  • Directing sacred smoke when smudging with sage, sweetgrass, etc.

  • Sweeping away energy blockages in the chakras

  • Sealing in healing energy after an energy session

  • Fluffing the aura

  • Sacred altar decoration and energy magnet

  • Quill: Enhance written intentions, therapeutic journaling work, art therapy, etc.

  • Any other way you choose to use it! <3

The Making of an Angel Smudge Creation

The process for each creation is unique - the materials "speak to me" as to what colors, placement, gemstones, and decorations to use. Depending on the intricacy of the detailing, it takes on average 3-5 hours to create an angel smudge wand, and 2-3 hours to create angel smudge quills & feathers.


After completion, a short shamanic journey is done to get in touch with the spirit of the creation, where it's name, archangel link, and 'personality' are revealed. This information is written down on its name card, waiting to be passed on to the new owner.

Every angel smudge creation is one-of-a-kind, with a unique design, name and features!

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