Angel Smudge Wand / Quill / Feather

Care Instructions

June 1, 2016

1) What's an Angel Smudge Wand?

A smudge fan is a spiritual tool, traditionally used for helping direct the smoke when doing cleansing or 'smudging' with traditional sage or sweetgrass. By taking this traditional tool and adding an extra long handle, a smudge wand was born! My Angels and Me wands have also been infused with angel energy and beautified by adding gemstones and other sparkly embellishments.

Features: Two gemstones; 20-40 feathers; Long handle; In-depth name card; Price range: $40-80 depending on size

Take a peek at some smudge wand examples below:


2) What's an Angel Smudge Quill?

An angel smudge quill is like a mini angel smudge wand - but with an interchangeable pen bottom!

You can easily replace the ink cartridge with any BIC pen by gripping the pen nub firmly to pull it out.

All basic BIC pen ink cartridges should fit, including BIC “Shimmers” (for beautiful pink, purple, blue, and green colors).

BIC pens are available at stores such as Staples, Walmart, etc.

Features: One gemstone; 10-20 feathers; Interchangeable pen handle; Price range: $20-40 depending on decorations

Take a peek at some angel smudge quill examples below:


3) What's an Angel Smudge Feather?

An angel smudge feather is similar to an angel smudge wand - however, there is no added handle as the base is one large feather, and less feathers are used. It is ideal for lightness and portability, and come with a hanging hook for easy display. As they cost less than angel wands, they are a great option for beginning smudge enthusiasts or energy workers!

Features: One gemstone; 10-20 feathers; Lightweight, minimalist design; Price range: $20-40 depending on decorations

Take a peek at some angel smudge feathers below:


Spirit Knife.jpg
Twin Peaks.jpg
Sedona Dragon.jpg

4) Care Instructions

As they are made of feathers, it is recommended you treat your angel smudge creation carefully. However, they are quite sturdy, and easily withstand vigorous waving/fanning for use during smudging or energy sessions. The biggest concern is feathers becoming bent during storage or transport. Here are some tips for ensuring a good, long, healthy life for your feathered friend:


  • Gently finger-brush bent or separated feathers back into place using clean, dry hands.

  • Store at room temperature - the binding glue becomes weaker in very hot weather, and brittle in very cold weather.

  • Keep the wand dry; water can damage the feathers and leather wrappings.

  • Resting the creation on a stand or hanging from a hook is recommended so the feathers remain unbent.

  • Store out of direct sunlight when not in use, as colored feathers and translucent gemstones may fade over time.

  • If a gemstone/decoration is broken off, carefully reapply it with superglue or a hot glue gun.

  • If you wish to remove any tassles, carefully cut them off with sharp scissors.



5) Using Your Angel Smudge Creation for the First Time

After its naming ceremony, I cleanse all my angel smudge wands and quills with sunlight and angel energy. However, I recommend that you cleanse your items yourself before use! This can be a very simple activity, or an ornate ceremony if you prefer: it's up to you!


For ideas on cleansing, please see the blog post on Gemstones.

6) Where Can I Buy An Angel Creation?

Currently, you can buy My Angels and Me hand-crafted angel smudge wands, quills, and feathers from five sources:


Custom Order - Email

Herbology in Bonnyville, AB

Soul Essence Holistics in Lac la Biche, AB

The Soul Center in Red Deer, AB

Goodsense Health and Happiness Boutique in Stettler, AB


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