Services: mix and match any.
Format: group, individual, or both.
Theme: by request or angels' choice.
Location: RABC (Cold Lake South) or your home.
Refreshments: light snacks. Please refrain from indulging in alcohol.
Example Itinerary (2-Hour Party)
Introduction - 10m
Relaxation Meditation - 10m
Group Reading - 30m
Individual Readings - 60m
(Group activities are provided too)
Closing Prayer, Q&A - 10m
Example Angel Party Themes
Archangels, Guardian Angels, Angelic Teams, Angel Self-Care, Angel Cards, Angel Signs, How to Hear Your Angels, Empaths, Power Animals, Shamanism, Psychic Skill Empowerment, Crossed Over Loved Ones, Earth Angels, etc.    
Based on time and location.
Maximum 8 people per party.
1.5 Hours = $190
2 Hours = $220
2.5 Hours = $250
RABC Location = Add $10/hour
Travel outside of Cold Lake may require an additional travel fee.
For more information or to book your Angel Party, please email

Services - Angel Party

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